the homo sapiens foundation

dawning life

this planetary population

being not even aware
that they are not even aware

they do not even know

how realy enslaved
since they are in reality

first of all
killing themself

and secondly
have already been spiritually killed
by their parents

who have already died

who they either love for it
or hate them

for having been killed
by their ....


so it goes to awaken all
to create a future for themself
for everyone in this world

because only when everyone is awake
and being aware of what they are doing
will all have a future
can have

will all be able to live

will all
be able to have a present
without constantly on the run
to being ahead of reality

since all this being
about a fata morgana
so a false hope

there being
the glistening water in front
that will quench our thirst

for example everyone just wants
shopping in a market
and not see at all

that this will end their world
but we should do everything
harvest somewhere ourself

without transport routes
without slaves doing this 10 hours
every day

to have an existence

or have a vacation
on the canaries

but are not sailing there
but flying there

and then talk sustainability

it is not about denouncing
all of these enslaved

but to set free everyone

do not regret any thing
but set them free

from being one victim
having nothing to want

then waste his environment
in competition

with all those others

waste any one not flipping
our planetary climate
in competition

with all those others

since if we will not
set all those free

to being homo sapiens
and never competing
with all this

we will be wasteing our selfs
from our own doing

the homo sapiens foundation

the galactic university

science for a future organization

galactic central information